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Commercial & Business Finance

Commercial Finance

With access to over 50 UK & International Lender, we can help to arrange any type of commercial or business finance with ”Quick Decision,Quick Payout” for any purpose i.e. Purchase, Refinance, Debt Consolidation, Business Expansion etc.

Why to choose us ?

Access to over 50 UK and international lender on panel
Excellent expertise with 360 degree planning.
Direct connection with top decision maker for quick finance
Major Survey Companies around UK are on panel for quick valuation for fast completion

We Say YES to:
  • Any purpose, any background and any security.
  • No Accounts, No Business Plan, No Income Proof
  • CCJs & Arrears
  • Business Start-ups
  • Overseas client
  • Business in distress , Business Turnaround and recovery
  • Professional
Most Comprehensive Solutions
  • Tailor made & confidential services.
  • Upto 100% Loan, 30 years terms, initial interest only period.
  • Very low interest rate
  • Flexible and open minded with can do approach.
  • Tax Strategy for lower taxation and higher profits
Most Business are eligible
  • Shops & Retail Units
  • Offices
  • Factory & Warehouses
  • Hotels & Guest Houses
  • Pubs & Bars
  • Farms
  • Garden Centers
  • Medical & healthcare business
  • Professional practices
  • Leisure industries
  • Property investment and development
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Business Finance & Loans

Not everywhere will you find fast and flexible services to access business loans! Because of the association of Esteema with some of the topmost business loans providers, we can help your business achieve its potential. We not only provide fast service but have access to a wide range of business plans.

Esteema specializes in understanding and providing tailor made solutions for your business financing needs.

Esteema can arrange small business loans ranging from £75,000 to £1 million.

Repayment terms, depending on the business loans amount can extend up to 30 years.

We can help you take a business loans plan that frequently assists your business in the right direction.

Business loans can be used to for any business purposes

  • For purchase of machinery, equipment or any related business furniture.
  • Purchase of real estate for business purposes.
  • Construction or renovation purposes
  • Build up working capital
Benefits of using the services of Esteema
  • Business loans plan that are tailor made for your situation
  • Arrange business loans from £75,000-£1million
  • Friendly advisors that understand your
  • Easy application form with minimum requirements
  • Business loans solutions for those having bad credit
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Professional Practice Finance

We have access to Professional Practice Finance with special & preferable terms & condition for any professional such as accountants, Solicitors, Barristers, Surveyors, Estate Agents, Financial Advisors, Doctors, Dentists, Vets, etc.
Therefore, If you are professional and looking for the finance for any purpose such as purchase, refinance, debt consolidation or business expansion, we can help you with

  • Up to 100% finance
  • Very preferable terms & conditions
  • Very low interest rate
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Medical & Healthcare Finance

Esteema Finance specializes in sourcing the most suitable and cost effective finance solution from a wide range of banks and lenders. With over 10 year's experience, Esteema Finance has built up a wide network of reliable and competitive lenders along with specialist knowledge of the health care industry.

Due to the large volume of borrowing, we are able to provide extremely competitive rates and can empathise with proprietors knowing all of the current regulations imposed on the healthcare industry. Esteema Finance takes away the hassle of finding the right finance for your particular requirements.

We specialize in arranging finance for the purchase or refinance of most businesses within the Care Sector including:
  • Residential Care Homes, Nursing Homes or Dual Registered Homes
  • Specialist Care Units such as Learning Disabilities, Mental Disorder, Mentally Ill & Physically Disabled
  • Private Hospitals & Day Care Centres
  • ChildrenĄ¯s Homes including all types of Specialist Childcare
  • Development Sites for any of the above including Construction Finance
  • Care Home Groups & Corporate Finance
  • Pharmacy shop
  • GP Surgery & Clinics
  • Dentist Practices
We can also help towards
  • Equipment Purchasing
  • Surgery Refurbishments
  • New Practice Acquisition
  • Working Capital Injection
  • Practice Relocation
  • Office Equipment & IT
  • Vehicle Finance
  • Consolidation
We will guide you through the process from the beginning, arranging for the most appropriate valuers to inspect the premises and ensuring that you provide the right information to the bank, presented in the right way. This will encourage them to support your case and should produce a favorable outcome.
It may be better in some cases to form a Limited Company to hold the assets that you propose to purchase or alternatively purchase a Care Unit that is already an asset of a trading Limited Company. Again we will be able to make sure that you are provided with the best advice in this respect from suitably qualified professionals.
We are also able to arrange funding for groups, whether it is an acquisition or refinance and if you would like to discuss your options in this respect then please call Mr. Ambrish on 07740646777.

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Business Turnaround Finance

We specialize in arranging finance for businesses in distress. In most cases this results in a successful business recovery / turnaround

  • We can assist with almost all aspects of Business Turnaround and Recovery.
  • Our Commercial Mortgage Brokerage can source finance / refinance for most businesses in order to provide additional finance.
  • We can arrange a short term moratorium on the PAYE / VAT in order to prepare a report to the crown and obtain a repayment profile that fits with the business cash flow.
  • In many circumstances, we assist the directors of the troubled business through a "pheonix". When a new business commences from the failure of a previous business and the business and assets are purchased from an Insolvency Practitioner.
  • Unlike many recovery and turnaround businesses, we are not insolvency practitioners. It is in our interests to assist your business to recover. Should it become necessary to introduce an Insolvency Practitioner, we work with a small number of commercially aware Insolvency Practitioners to achieve the most desirable outcome for our clients.

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Assets Finance

Esteema Asset Finance can finance all types of business equipment whose value is £1k to £1m, including: information technology, telecoms equipment, fitness equipment, vehicle tracking systems, shop fittings, garage, catering and beauty equipment etc.
Esteema Asset Finance specialise in providing businesses with individually tailored finance packages. Esteema offers a full range of equipment leasing and financial solutions which can offer many advantages over outright cash purchase for all businesses in the private and public sectors, from sole traders to local authorities.
Esteema Asset Finance funds a diverse range of assets, for all shapes and sizes of business. The customer negotiates the purchase price of the asset and then Esteema arranges the right financial package. Quite often the facility is already in place, being part of a pre-negotiated credit line.
If you've purchased equipment outright, Esteema can re-finance it to release cash back into your business. Equipment Finance is available over any period between two to five years. In addition to asset finance, Esteema can arrange secured finance and finance under the Enterprise Finance Scheme.
Things to consider when seeking finance

    1. How much finance is required?
    First, you need to identify the equipment you require and the equipment suppliers you wish to use. It's possible to finance all business equipment including: catering, garage, gym, telecoms, air conditioning, furniture, signage etc. for your business.
    The general rule is: 'If it's for business use, it can be financed'. Make sure you factor everything you need including building works fabrication into your plan. Once you have a rough idea of total cost, you can look to secure finance. It's possible to approve finance within 24 hours. For a new start business, its possible to approve anything from £1,000 to £250,000. For established businesses there is no upper limit to how much we can finance.
    2. What information is required?
    In order to secure finance, you'll need to supply basic information about yourself and your business (depending on length of time trading). This information includes: what you want to finance, the amount of finance you require, your home address, date of birth, proposed opening date etc. If you have any other information that will support your application, now is the time to provide it.
    Examples of supporting information include: business plan, financial projections and details of your personal investment in the business. At this stage you'll also need to confirm whether you're looking for finance over 3, 4 or 5 years.
    3. What happens next?
    Once you've provided all the relevant information about the business, you'll need to wait for formal finance approval (typically 24 hours). Once approved, paperwork is posted out directly for you sign. Once you've signed and returned paperwork, payment can be made directly to your chosen suppliers via bank transfer. The whole process from initial phone call to release of cleared funds can be completed within 7 days. Your monthly payments are fixed (inflation resistant) and 100% tax deductible. Payments are processed monthly by direct debit from a nominated account.

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Mortgages & Secured Loans

We have access to thousands of different mortgage & Secured loan products provided by leading financial institutions, offering a comprehensive array of options and features. On this basis sound mortgage advice tailored to your own specific needs can take a lot of the worry and stress out of moving house or re-financing.
We are registered with the FSA for the mortgage advice that we provide which is based upon researching the whole market place totally independently. We have negotiated many specialist schemes with lenders that can provide flexible mortgage facilities, with interest charged on a daily basis and savings 'offset' facilities, to keep your costs to the minimum.
Some of the important features that our clients need include:

  • A mortgage reserve to dip in to for requirements such as school fees, the purchase of a car etc
  • A pre agreed mortgage limit
  • A mortgage repayment holiday facility to give you cash flow flexibility if required
  • Ability to change the amount and timing of your payments according to your cash flow
  • A facility to borrow up to 90% of the value of your home
You may or may not be aware that the daily interest facility can make a significant impact on the cost of your mortgage, for example, a 20 year capital and interest repayment mortgage of £150,000 at a rate of 6.45&percent; will provide you with savings of £7,090 if interest were charged on a daily rather than an annual basis. This is equivalent to cutting 6 months off the term of your mortgage.
Your home is at risk if you do not keep up the repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured to it.

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Credit Card Loan or Personal Loan writes off services

Do you owe more than £2,500 on a loan or credit card?

We could write off the balances!!
Prior to April 2007 a number of Credit Agreements were written incorrectly. This may give you the right to cancel your credit card or loan agreement and stop making repayments. Don't delay and start your claim today before it is too late, there is no obligation so you have nothing to lose.
Just some of the benefits:

  • We could write off your loans or credit cards.
  • Free advice, no obligation to proceed.
  • Fast and friendly service.
  • Expert Claims Specialist
Make your claim today, before your lenders change their terms; and it may be too late for you to claim. It is your right to cancel.

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