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Medical & Healthcare Insurance


Locum Insurance

Hopefully, long term incapacity will not affect you or your colleagues but with ever increasing locum/business costs, it is prudent to be prepared.  This exceptional scheme protects Doctors, Dentists and other professionals together with their key employees.

key features at a glance
  • The benefits can be tailored to suit your existing practice agreements or employment contracts
  • Automatic annual benefit increases to cater for rising Locum costs
  • Full cover for stress related conditions 
  • Maternity and paternity leave cover included
  • Suspension cover included
  • Family emergency cover included
  • No need to provide evidence of Locum expenditure for sickness or accident claims 
  • Optional jury service cover
  • Needlestick injuries covered
  • Cover available up to age 70
  • No premium loading for female lives
  • Various discounts are available including a group discount (3 members or more)
  • Competitive premiums paid monthly by direct debit for as long as you wish the cover to continue

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Doctor Surgery Insurance

Our surgery insurance package is both flexible and adaptable with a wide choice of optional extras.  The scheme is designed to suit the needs of the modern day practice and can be tailored to provide a flexible solution to your specific cover requirements.

key features at a glance

  • All Risks cover for your surgery building and contents
  • Medical bags and laptops covered worldwide
  • Cover automatically included for deterioration of refrigerated drugs/vaccines
  • No inner limits for computers or electronic equipment
  • Hired, leased or borrowed equipment automatically included
  • Loss of rent (including cost rent) automatically included 
  • Employers' Liability automatically included
  • Public/Products Liability automatically included
  • Legal Expenses (including HMRC investigations and VAT disputes) automatically included 
  • Assault by thieves or violent patients automatically included
  • Fidelity guarantee (employee dishonesty) automatically included
  • A wide range of optional extras  are available, including:  consequential loss, electrical and pressurised equipment inspections and computer breakdown
  • Various discounts are available
  • Competitive premiums paid monthly by direct debit for as long as you wish the cover to continue

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Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical malpractice insurance, is in practice a hybrid of public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance, responding to claims arising from both bodily injury, including metal and psychological damage, from both physical procedures and from advice, or indeed a combination of the two.
Generally speaking a professional indemnity insurance policy will not respond to claims for bodily injury, and a public liability policy will not respond to claims arising from advice. Medical malpractice insurance bridges the gap between the two covers.
Policies vary from underwriter to underwriter, and from profession to professions, but fundamentally fall into two categories;
Malpractice — based in professional indemnity and responding to the policyholders legal liability arising out of any bodily injury, mental injury, illness, disease or death of any patient caused by any negligent act, error or omission committed by the insured in or about the conduct of the insured's occupation or business as stated in the schedule, or Good Samaritan Acts.
Treatment Risks — fundamentally a public liability insurance policy extended to include breach of professional duty consequent upon any neglect, error or omission in providing advice, treatment or prescriptions or professional services.
One major difference between the two standard forms of contract is the basis upon which a claim may be made. Malpractice insurance, similar to professional indemnity is generally written on a "claims made" basis, whilst Treatment Risks are written on a "claims occurring" basis.
These important distinctions relate to the claims to which a policy responds. Claims occurring means that the policy responds to claims that actually occur during the period of insurance, this being the situation that most general insurance clients are familiar with in other classes of insurance. Claims made means that the policy responds to claims that are actually brought against he policyholder during the period of insurance.
Where policies are written on a claims made basis, consideration must be given to retroactive cover, to provide for claims that may arise from previous work.
It is also important to appreciate that upon retirement or cessation of business, if insurance has been held on a claims made basis, "run-off" cover will be required to protect the policyholder in future years against new claims.
For further information on medical malpractice insurance from Esteema

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Professional Indeminity Insurance

Esteema offers a comprehensive range of professional indemnity and professional liability insurance services in the United Kingdom.
Our dedicated professional indemnity insurance division offers a very competitive service to a complete and diverse range of professions, occupations and activities in the UK and abroad.
Professional indemnity insurance protects the policyholder against their legal liability to third parties arising from their negligence, similar to other forms of liability insurance contract, it is a contract of legal liability, rather than one of moral obligation.
Claims arise from two areas, under tort, negligence, or under the terms of a contract. The professional indemnity insurance policy is suited to individuals and businesses that undertake work of a professional nature, such as the provision of advice, specification, design, rather than the physical supply of a product or service. In most cases any contract for services will include an implied condition that the professional exercises a reasonable level of professional skill in the execution of the contract. In many cases more onerous terms also appear in the contract.
The prudent professional should carefully review contract terms to ensure that additional legal liabilities are not being created, and certainly ensure that these are understood and accepted by their professional indemnity insurance provider. It is for these reasons that underwriters may often request sight of standard forms of contract and notification of any diversion from this.

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Chemist & Pharmacy Insurance

As specialists, we understand the risks retail chemists and pharmacies face and have developed a comprehensive insurance cover with some very special features.... all at very competitive rates.
Our flexible insurance cover is designed to give unrivalled protection and is continually updated to keep pace with the changing insurance needs in the retail chemist and pharmacy sector. So, with Esteema you can have piece of mind about your cover.
It is important to take out adequate chemist insurance in order to protect your business, because standard contents or buildings insurance will not give you the cover you need.
The additional protection from a chemist insurance policy could include:
  • Loss of earnings or stock
  • Accidental damage and vandalism
  • Public & Products liability
  • Injury to employees
  • Computer breakdown
  • Legal fees and costs
  • Professional treatment cover ( dispensing of medicine)
  • Money & Assault
To find the best chemist insurance for your business, whether you have a chain or just one shop, compare a number of deals and get free quotes before making up your mind. We guarantee you the cheaper and most comprehensive insurance cover.

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Carehome / Nursing Home Insurance

At Esteema, client care, service and our comprehensive care home insurance package are the hallmarks of our business.
Our care home insurance policy provides cover that is flexible enough to meet the varied needs of most care homes, as we understand that no two care homes are the same.
Care home insurance cover can be extended to include buildings and other key areas of your care home.
Legal expenses are automatically included with statutory license protection along with a registration consultant who is available to all our care home operators. Within the legal expense cover, we provide a full human resource system called CybHR at no extra cost, which you may pay separately for or you may pay solicitors on an as and when you need them basis. This is included in our care home insurance policy.
We also provide a free Health & Safety Manual which you may find useful in the day-to-day running of your care home.
Key policy features of our care home insurance Policy
  • Loss of registration — including access to a registration consultant
  • 24 hour Legal advice line
  • Abuse cover with very few restrictions
  • Legal liabilities including malpractice
  • Personal injury or assault during the course of the business
  • Care home contents insurance including residents effects
  • Loss of earnings
  • Book debts
  • Loss of money and cheques
  • Legal expenses insurance (administered by Abbey Legal Protection and underwritten by Brit Insurance Ltd)
  • This is just an outline of the cover available. You can request further information including details of significant excesses, exclusions, limitations and conditions by contacting us
Optional Care Home Insurance Cover
  • Care home buildings insurance
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Passenger lift inspection and plant breakdown (underwritten by Allianz Cornhill Engineering)
  • Loss of your or your family¡¯s personal belongings
  • Personal accident (for you and all your staff)
  • <
Types of Risk we can cover
  • Activity Centres
  • Care and Day Centres
  • Care for the Elderly
  • Charities, Not mdash;for mdash; Profit and Voluntary Organisations
  • Children's Homes
  • Community Action Groups, Programmes, Centres and Services
  • Counselling and Therapy Services
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Education, Literacy and Training Services (not conventional schools and colleges)
  • Group Homes
  • Nurseries, Playgroups and Out-of School Clubs
  • Nurseries, Playgroups and Out-of School Clubs
  • Rehabilitation and Halfway Houses
  • Sheltered Workshops and Vocational Training
  • Shelters and Refuges
  • Sure Start Programmes
  • Youth Centres and Organisations
  • Youth Hostels

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